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Top Ten Restaurant List

I have joked about different restaurants being on my "Top Ten" list but I decided to actually publish the list on my web site. They are listed here along with the type of cuisine they serve. There an number of restaurants worth mentioning that don't make the "Top Ten" that are listed here. Hui Chuan in Fort Worth, Texas dropped off the list since it has been sold to new owners. The Laugh Lady's Cafe in Salida, Colorado was also moved to the Worth Mentioning category since I have not been there in over 7 years.
    1.  Petrossian, New York City, New York - Russian
    2.  Two K's, Kathmandu, Nepal - Steak
    3.  Buen Tiempo, Ouray, Colorado - Mexican
    4.  Sherpa House, Golden, Colorado - Nepalese & Tibetan
    5.  The Bon Ton, Ouray, Colorado - Continental & Italian
    6.  Fontana Sushi, Littleton, Colorado - Sushi
    7.  Michael's Kitchen, Taos, New Mexico - American & Mexican
    8.  Guadalajara Grill, Taos, New Mexico - Mexican
    9.  Paradise Inn, Paradise, Washington - American
    10. Thomas Avenue Beverage Co. Dallas, Texas - Continental
Worth Mentioning
    Tomasitas , Santa Fe, New Mexico - Nuvo Mexican
    Pasqual's, Santa Fe, New Mexico - Nuvo Mexican
    Cousin's Barbecue, Fort Worth, Texas - Barbecue
    Amicas Pizza , Salida, Colorado - Wood Fired Pizza
    Mike's Breakfast, Kathmandu, Nepal - American Breakfast
    The Craftwood Inn, Manitou Springs, Colorado - Wild Game
    The Letter Drop Inn, Rosita Hills, Colorado - Continental
    Hui Chuan, Fort Worth, Texas - Sushi
    The Laugh Lady's Cafe, Salida, Colorado - Continental