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I have said often "I am more infamous than famous". Here are a collection of links to websites with articles about me. Sure it's a bit narcissistic but what the heck, someone thought I was interesting to write about.

12 Million Lives.com part of 24 Hour Fitness online advertising. (2008)

The Fourteener Files Master List Colorado Mountain Club, Page 39, #1228 to have completed the Colorado 14'ers (2007)(PDF)

Wet Mountain Tribune Finishing the Colorado 14'ers (2007)(PDF)

Q&A With Kevin Donovan   Part 1 | Part 2 Turtle Creek News(2004)(PDF)

Ice Climbing around Ouray, Colorado by Dan Pate, Texas Mountaineers (2004)(PDF)

Expedition Everest 2004: Gearing up and counting down MountEverest.Net (2004)

Everest 2004: "The Dream of Everest" MountEverest.Net (2003)

Everest 2004: "I'm just an ordinary guy." MountEverest.Net (2003)

Everest's Legendary Footsteps MountEverest.Net (2003)

Avid Climbers Thrive on Challenge, Bonds Dallas Business Journal (2003)